PR 6130/08

The plastic cable junction box PR 6130/08 is a simple solution to connect extension cable and load cells. Nevertheless, the small details make the difference, such as high insulation resistance, suppression of the propagation of parasitic currents…

This junction boxes serves for connecting 1 to 8 load cell cables and one extension cable PR 6135. Two cable glands for 4 cables each are for the load cells, one M20 cable gland is for the extension cable. The cable wires are connected separately, e.g. all wires for "supply +" end at one terminal block; the screens are separately connected, too. PR 6130/04N, PR 6130/64S,

PR 6130/68S

The cable junction boxes PR 6130/04N and PR 6130/6.. are the best solution for connecting load cell and extension cable. They cover the whole spectrum of applications:

application in hazardous areas, W&M and non-W&M weighing systems. Moreover, the stainless steel versions may be used in highly corrosive zones as well as in the extremely clean areas of the pharmaceutical industry. The cable junction boxes PR 6130/64S and PR 6130/68S are made of stainless steel whereas the cable junction box PR 6130/04N is made of painted aluminium (grey). The cable junction boxes PR 6130/04N and 6130/64S connect up to 4 load cells and the cable junction box PR 6130/68S up to 8 load cells with one extension cable in six wire technique.

PR 6135, PR 6136,

PR 6135(A), PR 6136(A)

Cable junction boxes

Extension cable

- Complete connection between load cells and weighing controller

- Cable junction boxes: heavy duty housing made from plastics, aluminium or stainless steel protection class IP 65 – IP 69K - Installation cable:

- Signal transmission over long distances without problems

- Very good chemical resistance

- Insensitive to disturbances because of double screening

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